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GPS Simulator Guide


The GPS simulator is a docker container that uses gpsfake to output data from a GPS file.


Download the Docker image

docker pull iotechsys/gps-sim:1.0

Run the Docker image

To run the GPS simulator with the default GPS file, use the following command:

docker run --rm -d --name gps-sim --network=host iotechsys/gps-sim:1.0

To run the GPS simulator with a custom GPS file, use the following command by filling in the path to the GPS file to use and the arguments to use for gpsfake:

docker run --rm -d --name gps-sim --network=host -v <path-to-gps-file>:/sim-files/<file-name> iotechsys/gps-sim:1.0 <args-for-gpsfake>

For a list of argument options for gpsfake, see gpsfake man page

Alternative GPS Simulators

The GPS Device Service works by connecting to gpsd and as such can be used with other GPS simulators that use gpsd for example an NMEA data simulator.