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MT3620 Device Component

MT3620 Device Component

The MT3620 Device component supports Azure Sphere devices that are based on the MT3620 system-on-chip (SOC).

Edge Xrt currently supports the following devices:

  • Seeed MT3620 Development Kit
  • Avnet MT3620 Starter Kit
  • Avnet MT3620 Guardian 100
  • AI-Link MT3620 SR620 Guardian Gateway

The Device component supports the following:

  • Wired Ethernet interface configuration, where available
  • User LED control
  • LSM6 inertial module control, where available
  • Push button state access, where available
  • Luminance sensor state, where available

The starter and development kits have more features available, as they are prototyping modules. The Guardian 100 is an industrial gateway, and is the only device with built-in support for wired Ethernet connections; although the other kits can support wired Ethernet by using pluggable daughter cards.

MT3620 Device Configuration

The following table describes the configuration variables that can be used with the MT3620 device component:

Parameter Type Description Valid Values Required
Bus String The name of the Bus component to use The name of an existing Bus component Y
Logger String The name of the Logger component to use The name of an existing Logger component N
Pattern String The pattern to match on the Bus component for subscription Can include Shell wildcard Y
Topic String The topic to publish on A valid topic name Y
Cookie Integer The cookie value for the subscriber A valid cookie N
PollInterval Unsigned Integer The poll rate for publishing readable properties (in microseconds) Default 200000 N
Interface String The name of the wired interface Default N
Gateway String The network gateway address In the format a.b.c.d

Default is
SubnetMask String The Subnet address In the format a.b.c.d

Default is
Address String The interface address In the format a.b.c.d Y
dns String DNS server IP address. Note: the address must also appear in the "AllowedConnections" in the app_manifest.json In the format a.b.c.d N
Publish Array of Strings An array of the device properties to publish, if supported Valid values are as follows:
  • ButtonA
  • ButtonB
  • Temp
  • XAccel
  • YAccel
  • ZAccel
  • Luminance
  • Timestamp


The dns configuration can be used to enable DNS provided names to appear in the app manifest "AllowedConnections". This allows the same application manifest to control site-specific device IP addresses by using a local DNS server. For example:

"AllowedConnections" : [ "<DNS_address>","device1","device2","", "", "" ]