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Connect to Azure Sphere

Before you can communicate with the Azure Cloud Services, you must setup a connection. You can setup a connection using a WiFi connection. For information on setting up a WiFi connection, refer to the Configure networking and update the device OS quickstart section of the Azure Sphere documentation.

If you want an Azure Sphere device to connect to an IP-based OT endpoint, you must use a wired ethernet connection, as described in Wired Ethernet Support below.

To setup a connection, you must claim the device, as described in Claim Hardware below.

Wired Ethernet Support

Azure Sphere devices that are designed to access IP-based OT protocols are classified asGuardian devices. For example, the Avnet Guardian-100, which is one of the first available Guardian devices and is marketed as an Azure Sphere OT gateway.

Ethernet support is not included as part of the base Azure Sphere RTOS, but it is supported using an additional image component. This additional image component is installed by default on the Guardian-100.

The Seeed development kit and the Avnet Starter Kit (v2 revision) both support wired ethernet connections using network daughter cards.

To install support for ethernet connections, complete the following steps:

  1. Download the ethernet support image, using the following command:

    azsphere image-package pack-board-config --preset lan-enc28j60-isu0-int5 --destination enc28j60-isu0-int5.imagepackage
  2. Deploy the ethernet support image to the device, using the following command:

    azsphere device sideload deploy --image-package enc28j60-isu0-int5.imagepackage

Query Installed Images

You can query installed images using the following command:

azsphere device image list-installed

Query Network Interfaces

You can query network interfaces using the following command:

azsphere device network list-interfaces

Claim Hardware

When you claim a device, the device ID is associated with your Azure Sphere tenant. To communicate with any of your Azure Cloud devices, you must claim your device in an Azure Sphere tenant.

For further information on claiming your Azure Sphere hardware, refer to the Choose a tenant and claim your device quickstart in the Azure Sphere documentation.