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ble is a global table which provides functions to interact with the ble simulator.


ble.createDevice (device_name)

Used to create a Device object.


  • device_name string The name of the device. This should be unique.

Returns: a new Device object

ble.createService (service_uuid)

Used to create a Service object.


  • service_uuid string The uuid of the Service

Returns: a new Service object

ble.createCharacteristic (characterisitc_uuid)

Used to create a Characteristic object.


  • characterisitc_uuid string The uuid of the Characteristic

Returns: a new Characteristic object

ble.createDescriptor (descriptor_uuid)

Used to create a Descriptor object.


  • descriptor_uuid string The uuid of the Descriptor

Returns: a new Descriptor object

ble.registerDevice (device)

Creates a new virtual controller for the device. Registers the device with bluez and adds it to the internal list of active devices.


  • device Device the device to register

Returns: bool indicating the success of the operation