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What's Changed

  • Added Modbus Device Service Component
  • Added BACnet Device Service Component
  • Added OPC UA Device Service Component
  • Added EtherNet/IP Device Service Component
  • Added PRFOFINET Device Service Component
  • Added Azure Exporter Component
  • Added AWS SiteWise Exporter Component
  • Added Ring Buffer Component
  • Added Batch Transform Component
  • Added reconnect support for InfluxDB, REST & MQTT Exporters
  • Added batching support to InfluxDB, REST and MQTT Exporters
  • Updated Paho MQTT package to v1.3.6
  • Added support for Azure Sphere devices
    • Added MT360 Device Component
    • Added AzureSphere Exporter Component
    • Supported Device Services: Modbus, BACnet, EtherNet/IP, Virtual
    • XRT configuration via Device Twin
    • Migrated to AzureSphere 11 SDK (21.10)
  • Removed File Device
  • Removed Virtual Device
  • Removed Virtual Device Lua

What's Fixed

  • Fix influxdb exporter incorrect warning :[WARN]: Failed initialization logging
  • Fix examples apps instability with short intervals
  • Fix virtual device service example
  • Fix failure in InfluxDB example
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