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Device Provisioning

The Devices configuration object has the following structure, where <Device Name> is the name of the device, <Profile Name> is the name of the device profile associated with the device, <Protocol Name> is the name of the protocol used by the device for communications, <Protocol Key> is the protocol key name and <Protocol Value> is the protocol value associated with the protocol key:

  "<Device Name>": {
    "profile": "<Profile Name>",
    "protocols": {
       "<Protocol Name>": {
       "<Protocol Key>": "<Protocol Value>",
       "<Protocol Key>": "<Protocol Value>"
The available <Protocol Name>, and the <Protocol Key> and <Protocol Value> key value pairs are specific to each Device Service.

Device Profile Format

  "name": "<Profile Name>",
  "manufacturer": "<device manufacturer name>",
  "model": "<model number>",
  "description": "<device profile description>",
  "labels": ["<device profile labels>"],
  "deviceResources": [ <device resources> ]
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