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Edge Xpert Manager

The IOTech Edge Xpert Manager provides a user interface (UI) to support the control and monitoring of the Edge Xpert microservices. Below illustrates the Edge Xpert Manager Dashboard, the landing page found after login.

Edge Xpert Manager UI

The Edge Xpert Manager supports many functions, allowing you to use features through the graphical interface, including the following:

  • Dashboard: view overall data count
  • Devices: manage devices, device profiles, and device services
  • Data Center: query readings via filters
  • App Services: create and delete Application Services
  • Notifications: manage subscriptions, query notifications and transmissions
  • Schedules: manage intervals and interval actions
  • Gateways: manage gateways
  • Users: manage users


The Edge Xpert Manager consists of a microservice and a web-based user interface application. The microservice must be running before the user interface can start.

Starting Edge Xpert Manager

The Edge Xpert Manager microservice can be started with the following command:

edgexpert up xpert-manager
Once started, you can access Edge Xpert Manager at localhost:9090.


This will start Edge Xpert Manager in a non-secure mode, on HTTP. To start Edge Xpert Manager in secure mode, see TLS Security

You must log in using either the default account or the credentials supplied by your Edge Xpert administrator. The default user is admin, the default password is admin. For further information on user accounts, see Users.

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