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Stop Edge Xpert

To complete the tutorial, stop Edge Xpert as follows:

  • The edgexpert stop command stops all the running Edge Xpert Microservices but leaves the containers (and their associated state) available for future restarts.
edgexpert down
  • This means that the Edge Xpert microservices and saved state such as the configured devices, rules and dashboard configurations will be maintained so that a further edgexpert up command will cause the microservices to pick up where they were stopped. No reconfiguration is required.


The edgexpert clean command stops all the running Edge Xpert microservices, deletes all the containers, and deletes any volumes or networks used by Edge Xpert. So all Edge Xpert state is lost when this operation is conducted. The next time you run an edgexpert up, all of the configurations defined above will need to be recreated

edgexpert clean
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