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Start Edge Xpert

Edge Xpert provides a Command Line Interface tool named edgexpert to help deploy the desired microservices.

Start Edge Xpert using the Edge Xpert CLI tool:

  • If any previous instances of Edge Xpert have been running, it is important to stop and delete these first:
edgexpert clean
  • Start the specific microservices required by the tutorial:

edgexpert up device-modbus device-opc-ua xpert-manager influxdb grafana nodered sys-mgmt
edgexpert up


The sys-mgmt microservice is required for the Edge Xpert Manager UI to dynamically manage Application Services, as is done later in this tutorial

Verify the services are running correctly. The following command lists the services that have been started along with information about uptime and active ports:

edgexpert status

edgexpert status

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