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Tutorial Requirements and Installation

This tutorial has been tested and verified on Ubuntu 20.04, but should run fine on any version of Linux that supports Docker.

System Requirements

  • Linux with sudo permissions
  • Docker and Docker-Compose
  • The Modbus and OPC-UA simulators require Java
  • The Modbus simulator also requires librxtx-java which can be installed on Ubuntu/Debian as follows:

    sudo apt-get install librxtx-java

Download the Tutorial Project

The Chemical Tank tutorial project can be downloaded from here. Unzip the project to extract the files:


The project contains all of the necessary files required to run the tutorial, except for the OPC-UA simulator which requires a separate download. See the instructions below.

Software Installation Steps

  1. Install Edge Xpert

    • If not already installed, Edge Xpert can be downloaded for evaluation from the IOTech website here. Users with an Edge Xpert contract can download the product from the IOTech Support Portal

    • Follow the Edge Xpert Installation Instructions, ensuring Docker and Docker Compose are installed as per the prerequisites

  2. Install the Edge Xpert license file

    • An evaluation license should be provided when Edge Xpert is downloaded from the above link. Please Contact IOTech if you do not have an Edge Xpert license file

    • Ensure the license file is readable by the “other” user:

      chmod +r <EdgeXpertLicenseFile>.lic
    • Use the edgexpert license install command:

      edgexpert license install <EdgeXpertLicenseFile>.lic
    • You can verify the license was installed correctly:

      edgexpert license check 
      Which will produce output similar to:

      Edge Xpert Licensing: Signature valid
      Edge Xpert Licensing: License valid
  3. Install the Prosys OPC-UA Simulation Server

    • Download the Prosys OPC-UA Simulation Server
    • Depending on the exact version, the command to install Prosys is similar to:

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