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Troubleshooting and Support

The following areas might require troubleshooting, depending on what you are trying to do:

  • Installation

    If you are having problems installing Edge Xpert, please check your environment. Refer to the Edge Xpert Pre-requisites section of the Edge Xpert Installation and Licensing Guide.

  • Licensing

    If you are having issues relating to your license, refer to the Licensing section of the Edge Xpert Installation and Licensing Guide.

    Starting Edge Xpert Fails, No License Installed Message

    The license is installed but Edge Xpert will not start. The message "No License Installed" is seen.

    If you run the command:

    edgexpert license check

    You get a message about no such file or directory as follows:

    $ edgexpert license check
    open /tmp/edgexpert-license734294413/lic: no such file or directory

    Check your docker installation is working correctly. You can do this by running:

    docker run hello-world

    You may need to reinstall docker to resolve this issue.

    Starting Edge Xpert Fails, License Validation Successful

    If you get a successful validation message but are still having issues check the core-data log files. See Edge Xpert Logging for information on how to do this.

    You may see a message that looks like this:

        Edge Xpert Licensing: Validating License File EdgeXpert_Alison_Evaluation.lic
        open /edgexpert/licenses/EdgeXpert_Alison_Evaluation.lic: permission denied

    This is usually caused because the license file has the wrong permissions. In the directory where the license file is installed run the command chmod on the license

    chmod 644 <license_file>

    where is the name of the license file.

  • Edge Xpert Manager

    If you have updated the Edge Xpert Manager but are not seeing changes, take the following steps:

    1. Clear the browser cache
    2. Refresh the browser
  • Device Services

    If you are having issues with a Device Service, check the device profile files for your Device Service. If using ModbusPal, check the configuration, and if loading an XMPP file, the version of ModbusPal that you are using.

  • Application Services

    If you are having issues with the Application Services check the configuration.toml file.

  • Additional Services

    If you are having issues with the additional services, check that the service has been set-up as shown in the examples.

If you are still encountering issues with Edge Xpert, Contact Support

Collect Logs By CLI Command

You can collect Edge Xpert logs with the CLI either by viewing the container logs individually, or saving the logs to an output directory.

View Logs in Terminal

You can view the logs of an individual container by issuing the following command:

docker logs <container>

For example:

docker logs core-data

Use the tag -f to follow logs while using a particular service:

docker logs -f core-data

Save Logs to an Output Directory

To send logs to an output directory, use the following command:

edgexpert logs -o <directory-name>
For example:
edgexpert logs -o edgexpert-logs

Get Support

Edge Xpert provides a troubleshooting script to collect and archive the related information and Edge Xpert service logs. Run the following command, and send the tar.gz file to IOTech Systems to get help. Learn more about Contact Support.

sh  /usr/share/edgexpert/tools/


If you get "Permission denied" when running the command above, run the command sudo chmod a+x /usr/share/edgexpert/tools/ to fix the error.

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