System Management services allow you to do the following:

  • Start Edge Xpert services
  • Stop Edge Xpert services
  • Restart Edge Xpert services
  • Remove Edge Xpert services
  • Obtain services metrics
  • Obtain services configurations
  • Perform health checks

IOTech provides the 3 ways to support the management of containers:

  • System Management Agent

    The system management agent provides associated tooling allow the user to manage the deployment, orchestration and administration of the platform, which acts as the connection point for management control of the deployed system at the edge.

    The Edge Xpert system management agent supports larger control management systems. For example, when the larger management system wants to start or stop the whole deployment, the Edge Xpert system management agent receives the command and starts or stops the Edge Xpert platform and any associated infrastructure. This approach also means that the larger management system does not need to communicate with each individual service; for example, when gathering service metrics or configuration, the system management agent can provide the information for all Edge Xpert services.

    The use of the system management agent is optional. For example, if you are using something like Kubernetes or Edge Builder to deploy, orchestrate and manage your containerized edge applications, you might not need to use the system management agent.

    For Further Information, see System Managment Agent and System Management Agent Executor.

  • Edge Builder

  • Kubernetes
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