Agent Executor

The System Management Agent microservice calls on executable applications to make management requests; the executable applications are known as the executors.

Executors manage the service operations, such as starting, stopping, restarting and removing services, and provide service metrics, such as CPU and memory use. How the executor carries out these tasks is dictated by the operating system, platform environment and associated programming language resources. Edge Xpert provides an executor interface and a reference implementation executor for use in Docker container runtime environments.

The design allows the use of other orchestrating software, such as Kubernetes or Swarm, as well as scripts and operating system-specific technology, such as saps or sysd, without the need to build something into the System Management Agent. This allows for a more scalable solution in Edge Xpert, while supporting different implementation technology outside Edge Xpert.

The configuration of the System Management Agent specifies which executor to use for metrics and the start, stop, restart and remove operations and the location of the executable to be called. For further information on the configuration, see System Management Agent Configuration Properties

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