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Rules Engine

A rules engine allows you to filter, transform and extract data at the edge before you send it into the cloud for processing. By doing the processing at the edge we can reduce system response latency, save network bandwitdh and storage costs as well as improving system security.

Edge Xpert can use eKuiper and Node-RED as the rules engine, or edge analytics service.

  • eKuiper is a lightweight, open-source software package for IoT edge analytics and stream processing, which can run on various resource-restrained edge devices. You can achive fast data processing on the edge, and write rules in SQL.

    For further information refer to the eKuiper documentation

  • Node-RED is an open-source development tool, which provies a browser-based flow-based editor to connect flows in the Node-RED palette. It also provides a module that allows you to create live dashboards for the data.

    Edge Xpert can deliver data to Node-RED. You can create rules and analytics to define how to handle, interpret and take action on the data using javascript-based APIs.

    Node-RED can send commands back to Edge Xpert, which means you can also write rules to control the devices managed by the Edge Xpert Device Services.

    For futher information, refer to the Node-RED documentation.

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