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Managing Alerts and Notifications Using Edge Xpert Manager

To use Notifications with the Edge Xpert Manager you need to start Edge Xpert with the xpert-manager and support-notifications options, as shown below:

edgexpert up xpert-manager support-notifications

Notifications View

To view the Xpert Manager go to localhost:9090 Log in using the default user name and password "admin"

The Notifications view displays information about the device data maintained in Edge Xpert. To enter the Notifications view select Notifications from the main menu.

When you select Notifications from the main menu, you see the following tabs:

  • Subscriptions
  • Notifications
  • Transmissions


Select Subscriptions to view the Subscriptions pane.

Select Notifications to view the Notifications pane.

Select Transmissions to view the Transmissions pane.

Manage Subscriptions Using the Edge Xpert manager

Before you set up a notification you need to set up a subscription so you will receive it.

The Subscriptions pane allows you to view current active subscriptions, add new subscriptions and edit or delete existing subscriptions. To view it, click on the subscription tab.

The subscriptions panel looks like this:


Add, Edit or Delete a Subscription

To add a Subscription, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Add icon
  2. The Add Subscription dialog box displays, as illustrated below:


3. Complete the fields, as described in the following table:

Field Description
Name Unique name for the subscription
Description A description explaining the intent of the notification
Categories The type of notification to which to subscribe, e.g. HARDWARE_HEALTH
You can subscribe to a particular notification category or multiple notification categories
Labels A notification labels to which to subscribe. You can subscribe to one or more notification labels
Receiver The name of the party interested in the notification
e.g. SystemAdministrator
Resend Limit The retry limit for attempts to send notifications
Resend Interval The interval in ISO 8691 format of resending the notification
Email Channels The email address of the recipient of the notifications
REST The configuration for the REST channel being used
ZeroMQ The configuration for the ZeroMQ channel being used

4. Select Save to add the subscription.

The subscription should appear in the list.

To edit the subscription click the Edit icon next to it.
To delete the subscription click the Delete icon next to it.


The Notifications pane allows you to view the current list of notifications. To view it click on the Notifications tab.

Several microservices automatically send a POST request to trigger the Alerts and Notifications microservice with a NORMAL notification when something changes.

For example, the following illustration shows that the Random-Float-Device in the Virtual Device Service has been locked; such a change immediately triggers a NORMAL notification.

Notication of locked status

You can see the notification appear in the Notifications pane of Edge Xpert Manager.

You can use the search to filter notifications either by time period or notification category.

View Transmissions

The Tranmissions pane allows you to view details of notifications that have been processed. To view it click on the transmissions tab.

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