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Alerts Configuration Properties

Alerts have the following properties:

  • Writable
  • Databases/Databases.Primary
  • Smtp

These are described in the table below. For details of the configuration properties that are common to all services, see Common Configuration Properties


The SMTP username and password can be set in the Writeable.InsecureSecrets.SMTP.Secrets as an insecure secret, or be stored in the Smtp.SecretPath for security. Refer to Mail Server Configuration for details.

Property Default Value Description
Writable properties can be set and will dynamically take effect without service restart
ResendLimit 2 Sets the retry limit for attempts to send notifications. CRITICAL notifications are sent to the escalation subscriber when resend limit is exceeded.
ResendInterval 5s Sets the retry interval for attempts to send notifications.
Writable.InsecureSecrets.SMTP.Secrets username The email to send alerts and notifications
Writable.InsecureSecrets.SMTP.Secrets password The email password
Property Default Value Description
Properties used by the service to access the database
Name notifications Document store or database name
Property Default Value Description
Config to connect to applicable SMTP (email) service. All the properties with prefix "smtp" are for mail server configuration. Configure the mail server appropriately to send alerts and notifications. The correct values depend on which mail server is used.
Smtp Host SMTP service host name
Smtp Port 587 SMTP service port number
Smtp EnableSelfSignedCert false Indicates whether a self-signed cert can be used for secure connectivity.
Smtp SecretPath smtp Specify the secret path to store the credential(username and password) for connecting the SMTP server via the /secret API, or set Writable SMTP username and password for insecure secrets
Smtp Sender SMTP service sender/username
Smtp Subject EdgeX Notification SMTP notification message subject
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