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REST example

The REST Device Service is intended to work with third-party services, allowing these services to input binary data into Edge Xpert.

The REST Device Service starts with three sample devices preloaded. This example will use one of these sample devices: sample-image.

Start the REST Device Service

To start the REST Device Service, enter the following command:

edgexpert up device-rest

Device Onboarding

Once the REST Device Service has been started, REST devices can be onboarded to Edge Xpert using either the Edge Xpert Manager UI or through Edge Xpert REST API commands. Instructions on how to use both methods are described below.

Device Onboarding with the Edge Xpert Manager UI


Please refer to the Edge Xpert Manager UI Device Management capability for full details.

  1. Start Edge Xpert Manager UI:

    edgexpert up xpert-manager

  2. Open a browser and go to localhost:9090. The default username and password is admin

  3. Using the device profile upload capability, upload the provided example device profile at /usr/share/edgexpert/examples/device-services/rest/sample-image-device.yaml

  4. Onboard the REST device using the device onboarding capability. The following values can be used to provision the example REST device:

    Field Example Value Description Required
    Name sample-image Unique name used to identify device Required
    Description RESTful Device that sends in binary image data Additional information about the device Optional
    Label "rest", "binary", "image" Additional information about the device Optional
    Protocol rest The name of the protocol Required
    Device Profile sample-image The name of the device profile uploaded above Required
    Device Service device-rest The name of the appropriate device service Required

Device Onboarding with the Edge Xpert REST API

  1. Upload the provided REST example device profile:

    curl http://localhost:59881/api/v2/deviceprofile/uploadfile -F "file=@/usr/share/edgexpert/examples/device-services/rest/sample-image-device.yaml"

  2. Onboard the device using similar values as explained above:

    curl -X 'POST' \
      'http://localhost:59881/api/v2/device' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -d '[
        "apiVersion": "v2",
        "device": {
          "name": "sample-image",
          "description": "RESTful Device that sends in binary image data",
          "adminState": "UNLOCKED",
          "operatingState": "UP",
          "labels": [
          "serviceName": "device-rest",
          "profileName": "sample-image",
          "protocolName": "rest",
          "protocols": {
            "other": {}

Uploading binary data

The REST Device Service functions differently than other Edge Xpert device services. As such, it does not use PUT requests to control data. Instead, POST requests are issued to input the binary data.

Using a REST API application, such as Postman, is recommended to post this data. See the example below:

POST request for sample-image

Alternatively, a cURL can be used, for example:

curl --request POST 'http://localhost:59986/api/v2/resource/sample-image/jpeg' \
  --header 'Content-Type: image/jpeg' \
  --data-binary '@/path/to/image/image.jpg'

See the Core Command Microservice for more information on POST commands.


59986 is the default port for the REST device service

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