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BACnet/IP Broadcasting Management Device (BBMD)

The BACnet/IP device service supports BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device (BBMD) as a means of broadcasting messages on other sub-networks from the device service. BBMD works by installing a BBMD on each sub-network. Each BBMD contains a list of all the BBMD devices in the network, including itself. When a BBMD device receives a message, it will broadcast the message on its own sub-network and, if necessary, forwards it to the other devices contained in its BBMD device list.

Configuring Foreign Devices via BBMD

The BACnet/IP device service supports registering as a foreign device to a BBMD. This will allow the device service to contact BACnet devices on different subnets via the BBMD connection. To set up this registration, the following driver options should be configured:

Environment variable Description
BACNET_BBMD_ADDRESS Points to the IP address of a BBMD device
BACNET_BBMD_PORT Points to the port used by the BBMD device
BACNET_BBMD_TIME_TO_LIVE The time that the registration will be active in the BBMDs Foreign-Device-Table

The device service will automatically re-register before this time elapses

The default time is 60000 seconds

If the environment variables for BBMD are not set, it is assumed that BBMD is not used. In this case, all BACnet communication will occur on the same sub-network as the device-bacnet-ip container.

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