The Core Services layer separates the Southbound (edge devices) and the Northbound (Cloud or Enterprise system) layers at the edge. Core Services play a crucial role in decoupling the data formats of the other layers and can aggregate data received from different edge devices.

The Core Services are a key component of the EdgeX Foundry architecture, on which Edge Xpert is based. As the Core Service APIs are open and standardized, they allow interoperability between microservices to be maintained. This means that, if microservices are enhanced or replaced by other implementations, the system continues to operate correctly.

Core Services include the following:

  • Core Data: This microservice is a persistence repository and associated management service for data collected from the Southbound devices.

  • Core Command: This microservice facilitates and controls actuation requests from the Northbound to the Southbound.

  • Core Metadata: This microservice is a repository and associated management service of metadata about the devices connected to Edge Xpert. It provides the capability to provision new devices and pair them with their owning Device Services.

  • Registry and Configuration: This microservice provides other Edge Xpert microservices with information about associated services within Edge Xpert and microservice configuration properties.

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