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The Application Service layer provides a set of microservices that do the following:

  • Allow off-gateway clients to register interest in data from the Southbound devices
  • Specify where and when to deliver data
  • Specify the format and manner in which to deliver the data


In earlier versions of Edge Xpert the Export Service provided this functionality. The Application Service replaces the Export Service.

The Application Service allows the data to be prepared and translated before being sent to your chosen endpoint. Examples of preparing data include transforming, enriching or filtering. Examples of data translation include formatting, compressing and encryption.

Data can then be sent to an external system for processing, such as the following:

  • Analytics packages
  • Enterprise or on-premises applications
  • Cloud systems, such as Azure IoT, AWS IoT or Google IoT Core

Application Services are based on the idea of a Functions Pipeline, which is a collection of functions that process messages in the specified order. The first function in a pipeline is a trigger to start the functions pipeline. For example, a trigger could be a message arriving in a watched message queue.

Edge Xpert provides a number of additional built-in functions that support exporting data to various northbound platforms.

Edge Xpert supports the following endpoints:

  • AWS IoT Core
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Google IoT Core
  • IBM Watson
  • InfluxDB
  • HTTP endpoints
  • Postgres

The Application Service SDK is also available which allows you to create custom Application Services.

Application Services also support multiple pipelines to export device data to, or receive messages from, the Cloud. For further information on configuring multiple pipelines, see Multiple Pipelines.

The diagram below illustrates the technical architecture of Edge Xpert Application Service. technical architecture diagram

For further information on Application Services and their configuration, refer to the Application Services section of the EdgeX Foundry documentation.

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