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Users, Roles and Permissions

In Edge Builder, a permission is an action in the Edge Builder API. Each permission is defined by a method (for example, GET) and a path (for example, /api/v1/nodes). Permissions can be grouped into roles, which can be assigned to users to grant them access to the API. If a user has a certain role, they have all the permissions associated with that role.

API Permissions

The Edge Builder API permissions are static, which means that you cannot modify them, however they may be subject to change on software updates. For a full list of Edge Builder permissions see the API documentation.

Default Roles

Edge Builder comes with two default roles:

Name Permissions Description
eb_admin_role all (admin) This is the role assigned to the default user (iotech). It contains the permissions for all actions in Edge Builder. Only assign to trusted users, as its use is potentially dangerous.
eb_standard_role read-only (GET requests) This is the recommended role for standard Edge Builder users. Users with this role can view information, for example on active nodes, apps and scripts, but cannot add, modify or delete entities.

Learn how to add new roles here

Default Users

Edge Builder comes with a default admin user:

Username Password Role
iotech EdgeBuilder123 eb_admin_role

Learn how to add new users here