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Troubleshooting Guide

If you encounter an issue refer to the following list of common issues and fixes. If you cannot find a solution to the issue that you are encountering, contact IOTech Support.

Starting the Server Components - bind: address already in use Description:
If you start the server components and any of the ports specified for use by the Edge Builder containers is already in use by another process, docker-compose generates an error.

If you use the following command, where <controller-ip> is the IP address of the Edge Builder Controller and port 50066 is in use by another process, the eb_container container fails to start:
sudo edgebuilder-server up -a <controller-ip>
An error similar to the following is generated by docker-compose:
ERROR: for eb_controller Cannot start service eb_controller: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint eb_controller (f5aef4c7c92b9d1001f96c34e2f6444625f0bbda22a882f8e9b581c833569dc3): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use
To resolve this issue, identify the process using the port. If the process can be terminated, terminate the process and run the edgebuilder-server up command again.

For example, on Linux systems, you can enter the following command to see which process is using port 50066:
sudo lsof -i:50066
Logging into the CLI - Exit Code 12 (raspios-buster) Description:
Logging into the CLI on raspios-buster can cause the following error:
ERROR: Exit Code (12): mkdir /opt/edgebuilder/cli: permission denied
You must modify the ownership and permissions of the /opt/edgebuilder folder, for example, using the following commands:
sudo chown -R pi:pi edgebuilder/
chmod -R 777 edgebuilder/
Docker-ce installed, required Description:
The Edge Builder server and node packages assume the use of If you have docker-ce installed, you must uninstall it before installing the Edge Builder packages.

To do this, enter the following command:
sudo apt-get purge docker-ce docker-ce-cli
Restarting a Node stuck in a down State Description:
In rare circumstances it is possible for a node to become stuck in a down state.

To resolve this, you must clean up the node and re-add it. This can be done as follows:
  1. Clean all Edge Builder artefacts, enter the following command where <node> is the name or ID of the node in the Down state:
    edgebuilder-cli node rm -n <node> --force
  2. Log in to, or open an SSH tunnel connection with the node
  3. Enter the following command:
    sudo edgebuilder-node down
  4. Add the node again using the following command:
    edgebuilder-cli node add