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What is Edge Builder

IOTech Edge Builder provides a flexible and open solution that supports the management of edge systems at scale.

In an edge system, potentially consisting of hundreds or thousands of edge nodes, addressing the problem of hardware and software provisioning in a distributed and heterogeneous edge environment is a significant challenge. Edge Builder supports the following management capabilities:

  • Secure edge node registration
  • Edge node software installation
  • Edge node monitoring
  • Application deployment
  • Application orchestration
  • Application monitoring


The following diagram provides graphical representation of the Edge Builder architecture including the node and server components described below:

Edge Builder Architecture

Edge Builder is built on a foundation of mature, innovative, open technologies. It provides an edge management solution that can be hosted on-premises or on the cloud. Edge Builder supports the management of nodes, such as IoT Gateways, Industrial PCs, Edge Servers or even Micro-controller Units (MCUs), and of applications independent of hosting environment, target deployment nodes and application workloads.

IOTech provides a demonstration project, which you can use with the tutorials to learn how to use Edge Builder. For further information, see Quick Start.


You do not need to install Edge Builder, as described in Installation, to run these tutorials.


Term Definition
Edge Node (Node) The machines that Edge Builder directly manages, where our node components are installed
Applications (Apps) Applications that Edge Builder deploys, these may be in either docker-compose or systemd formats
Device A machine that generates data, this machine is not directly managed by Edge Builder
Provisoning The act of registering an Edge Node with Edge Builder and installing the node components