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Edgebuilder cli node rm

edgebuilder-cli node rm

Remove node(s)


Remove node(s)

edgebuilder-cli node rm [flags]


  -A, --all              All nodes
  -f, --file string      Edge nodes configuration file (JSON format)
  -n, --node strings     Edge node names/ids
  -l, --label strings    Edge Node labels
  -s, --status strings   Edge node status, valid values are: 1 (Pending), 2 (Deploying), 3 (Error), 4 (Warning), 5 (Down), 6 (Up) or 7 (Deleting). Accepts integer or string.
      --force            Force remove nodes regardless of status
  -y, --yes              Automatic yes to user prompts. Items will be deleted without user confirmation
  -h, --help             help for rm


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